If you are an Artist, you are invited…

Pleasant Bay - Robert John Cook

Pleasant Bay - Robert John Cook

Help Us Get Your Name Out There

The purpose of this website is to gather artists for collaboration on a book titled “The Artist’s Soulmate: How To Sell Your Art.”  This website will host Blogs written entirely by artists. Each Artist will contribute one blog on a subject regarding an experience they had in marketing their Art in which they learned a lesson that we could all benefit from.  Each Blog will get turned into a magazine article in such publications as ‘The Artists’ Magazine’, ‘Art in America’, ‘ArtBlog’, ‘Art News’, ‘American Art Collector’, and ‘Artful Blogging’. The magazine articles will then be turned in chapters for the book “The Artist’s Soulmate: How To Sell Your Art.”

The Artist’s Soulmate project is a collection of Blogs turned into Magazine Articles, and the magazine articles turned into Chapters for a Book in which artists get a chance to toot their own horn. And in the process of being published the artist in effect will become an “Expert”.

The single most important ingredient in the creation of art is the Audience.  Without an Audience your art can’t be enjoyed, or critiqued.  A sound marketing strategy is to enhance, promote and support your Product.  And basically that is what Art comes down to, in the world of marketing your art is a Product.  Without getting your name out there your voice won’t be heard.

This might sound crass, but the truth is that if you are going to be a professional artist, then you’ll need to make money from your art.  Earning a living from art is not easy, fact is approximately only 3% of artists can survive off their labor.  All said, treating your art like a product, just like Coca Cola treats a can of Coke, is the only way to survive.

And each artist has two products; 1) the Art, and 2) the Artist. These are two different Product Lines.  The Art will sell itself (if liked), but the old saying “People buy the Artist before they buy the Art” is so true.  Look at Van Gogh, couldn’t sell a painting his entire life, but it wasn’t until after his death when his sister-in-law created a Marketing Strategy that Van Gogh’s art was actually sold.

If you’re an Artist and are in need of getting your name out there, if this project sounds interesting to you please contact Robert John Cook at (508) 367-5571, or email at TheCafeArt@gmail.com, or visit www.TheCafeArt.com

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2 responses to “If you are an Artist, you are invited…

  • Bettyann Lemist

    love the idea…and totally agree, but sometimes marketing yourself is not the easiest thing to do…recently I have had my time critically cut by having to re-enter the normal daily workforce, something outside of our artworld, and this has led to my marketing time vs painting time in a dither….I know I am not the only artist to be experiencing this, so I am not complaining just trying to readjust…

  • 1099 form

    whats your facebook profile?

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